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Does your child excel at defining shapes and angles in their elementary math class, but struggle with charts and numerical expressions? Whether it’s one concept or twelve, a private tutor can help your child with the elementary concepts they find difficult. Your child’s tutor can help your child with concepts that may be stumping them.

Our tutors can work with your child in a one-on-one setting covering each area they are having trouble with. Unlike in a classroom setting, your child and their tutor can skip over areas they do not feel they need help with, focusing all their energy on the tough spots. Do they shine when it comes to addition but falter when it comes to fractions? Then, fractions can be covered in-depth, while addition can be omitted from the lesson. This one-on-one environment also allows your child to feel comfortable asking their tutor a multitude of questions. Most students do not feel they can ask a lot of questions in a classroom filled with their peers, which can leave them feeling alone and confused. Because they are the only pupil in the lesson, your student can feel confident asking their pressing questions to help them gain clarification.

The individualized attention from our tutors  allows for the tutor to get to know your child’s interests, hobbies, and personality. This helps them relate abstract concepts (such as graphing points) to something your child is interested in (such as baseball). They may also relate word problems to real-life situations to help your student conceptualize the material. For example, giving a student a complex word problem about something that does not relate to them at all may only add to their confusion. By breaking the problem down and relating it to something familiar or fun, your student may be able to better comprehend the problem. This allows them to apply the concept to the other problems in class that they may not relate to.


Why Choose us?

Detailed Explanations – Our tutors dive deep in explanation and stick to our commitment to ensure mastery rather than memorization.

Small Groups – We understand that sometimes students can get lost in a classroom of 25 or more students. Our small groups consist of 5-7 students ranging from middle school to high school thus ensuring a manageable teacher to student ratio.

Flexible Schedule – With twice a week access the student can get help immediately before a major assessment to ensure they have a solid understanding of the content.

Tutoring Makes a Big Difference

Studies have shown that tutoring can lift average students to the 98th percentile. And for high achievers, tutoring has proven to improve scores across all grade levels.


How It Works?

We emphasize to our students to come with specific questions which allows us to maximize the time during the coaching session. We have found that this ensures that each student leaves with their questions being answered.