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One-on-One Tutoring: The Solution for Improved Confidence and Better Grades

When it comes to students, it’s important to remember that every person learns differently. In a school setting, many students can fall behind. It’s not because they lack intelligence; it’s because they’re not being taught the material in a way that makes sense to them. Teachers of 30 or more students cannot reasonably be expected to tailor their approach to each student’s individual learning style. That’s why one-on-one tutoring can make all the difference for a student who is struggling.


The Downside of Traditional Classrooms

In a school setting, teachers grapple daily with how best to reach students in a way that allows the material to resonate with them. And that can be challenging when faced with a classroom full of students with different learning styles. Add to that the need to cater to children who are dealing with issues such as learning disabilities, ADD or ADHD, and autism, and it’s no wonder some students simply fall through the cracks.

Even stellar students can suffer in a large-group setting. Consider the honors student who is excelling yet bored. The classroom teacher can’t keep up with her need for more challenges. At some point, she may just tune out—and miss vital education along the way.

Teachers in a classroom setting often ”aim for the middle,” teaching in a way that they hope reaches the largest number of students. They strive to provide one-on-one attention when they can, but it certainly isn’t easy to find time for focused support in an already busy day.


Tutoring Supports Student Learning

No matter the reason a child isn’t doing well at school, tutoring could be the lifeline she needs to transform her relationship with education. From helping students who have been coasting by learn to navigate reading with dyslexia to providing additional support with high-level concepts in calculus and physics, tutoring is a solution that students and parents around the globe are embracing.

One-on-one tutoring fills the gap that is prevalent in the modern classroom. By focusing on the specific areas and topics that are challenging a student, a tutor can create solutions quickly. Feedback is almost immediate in a one-on-one setting. And with that knowledge, a tutor can alter the approach to really reach the student and help him not only find his footing with the material but thrive in learning.


Confidence Breeds Success

Being successful in school is about much more than getting good grades. When a student is successful, his confidence soars. And confidence in school translates to confidence in life. Students with poor grades due to a lack of understanding can give up not only on school but on their hopes and dreams as well.

It’s imperative that our students find success in the classroom. But that’s not always possible for every student—at least not without some help and support.

One-on-one tutoring fosters the confidence students need to be successful—both in the classroom and in the real world. By receiving immediate feedback on their progress, students are able to move through the material faster, improving their self-confidence as they do so.


One-on-One Tutoring Provides a Solution

When a student cannot flourish in a traditional classroom, one-on-one tutoring is available to fill the gaps. There are numerous benefits associated with this method of teaching, including:

Expert instruction from trained educators who know how to present information in a way that resonates with different learning styles.
Increase in grades. One study saw students jump 10 percentile points from focused one-on-one tutoring.
Improved confidence that comes with better grades and the knowledge to be on par with peers.

No matter where a student is in his educational journey, one-on-one tutoring can not only improve results but help foster a love of learning. When a child is able to embrace the process of gaining new knowledge, he is on the fast track to success in life, in the world of work, in relationships, and in the world. One-on-one tutoring is the vehicle to help get him there.


Why Choose us?

Expert Instruction – Our individual tutoring program offers the student access to an expert who is trained on ensuring the student masters the concepts.

Flexibility – Our goal is to work around your schedule to ensure each student gets individual coaching on days that work with their schedule.

Fills in the Gaps – If your student has gaps from previous concepts we can help bridge that for future success.

Builds Confidence – Students who are behind often lack confidence. We are committed to work with each student so that they believe it is possible for them to thrive academically.

Tutoring Makes a Big Difference

Studies have shown that tutoring can lift average students to the 98th percentile. And for high achievers, tutoring has proven to improve scores across all grade levels.


How It Works?

A student will select a time each week to work with one of our tutors. Students are encouraged to come with specific questions to ensure that our session addresses the individual needs of the student. If the student has an upcoming assessment, our attention will go towards preparing for that assessment.