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We offer flexible SAT tutoring that fits your schedule.


If you are preparing for college, then chances are you are also preparing for the SAT. Have you purchased all the test prep books and practice exams only to find that you feel buried under a pile of information and have no idea where to even begin? A tutor can help you organize all the information out there and optimize your study time. When preparing for a large exam, it is important that you be able to work with your tutor when you need them. We offer flexible SAT tutoring that fits your schedule.  

If you are hoping to score well on the SAT, you’ll have to have a wide breadth of knowledge in many different subjects. The SAT tests for critical reading and mathematics skills, and many students may excel at one and struggle in another. If you are weak in one area, it can bring down your score on the overall test, even if you’re particularly strong on the other. When you work with a personal tutor, you can focus on the area where you are weakest and prepare for the exam in a way that is effective for you. Your tutor can pinpoint the areas that are the most difficult for you and drill these areas. They can do more than just give you worksheets, though. They can work with you to make sure you understand the concepts behind the problems you struggle with so that future questions can be easier for you. While it is important to cover the topics you’re weak in, your tutor can also go over the material you are strong in to ensure that you are utilizing appropriate test-taking methods.


Why Choose us?

Proven Strategies for Success – Our tutors will explain detailed strategies for how to tackle each specific type of question on the exam.

Focus On Skills – We will focus on the algebra, trigonometry & geometry skills necessary for success on the math portion of the SAT.

Test-Taking Strategies – We will also be providing helpful proven test-taking strategies to increase confidence and boost scores.

Full-Length Timed Exams – Students will have the opportunity to complete real SAT timed tests and given feedback on how they did.

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78% better than
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How It Works?

The student will register for one of our upcoming SAT courses prior to taking the actual exam. The instruction will be facilitated by one of our Math Coaches who will provide proven techniques for success while also answering any questions students have on problems they missed.